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National Kaohsiung University Master of Information Management-109 school year entrance examination registration!

publish date : 2019-12-23

Basic information:

    (1) Application Date: 12/12/2019 (Thu) -01/20/2020 (Mon)

    (2) Registration System: https://exam1.nuk.edu.tw/ee/Master/Index1.htm

    (3) Deadline for payment of registration fee: 01/21/2020 (Tuesday)

    (4) Print the admission ticket online: 02/05/2020 (Wed) from 12:00 noon (Please print the admission ticket online)

    (5) Admission quota: 6

    (6) Examination method: interview

    (7) Interview time: 02/12/2020 (Wed)

    (8) Download the brochure: https://admissions.nuk.edu.tw/p/405-1006-5199,c862.php


    (1) Interview content: self-introduction (PPT can be used), application motivation, information management related professional knowledge, future research directions, etc.

    (2) Candidates should send the following files to im@nuk.edu.tw before 01/21/2020 (Tuesday) 3 minutes electronic presentation of PPT self-introduction

    (3) Contact number of the department: 07-5919326; Contact person: Miss Chen Mingjun


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